What do you know about college hookup culture?

These days, every person who have went to college are very familiar with the subject - Hookup culture. It seems if you have never hooked up in college, you can't even call you a complete graduated college student. Have you ever hooked up in college? How's that experience? What is your definition of hookup culture? So today, we are going to talk about tinder hookup culture.

First of all, what is hookup culture? Well, hookup has become as a culture in college. To answer this question, we should start with the concept of hook up. The definition for hookup is very wide, which is also exactly the point of the whole thing. The meaning of hookup can go from a single kiss to the who package. The most important thing in hookup culture is the ambiguity. When someone said they hooked up a little, you can't tell what they actually did. It can be a kiss, or it can be something more. It's the vagueness and mystery in hookup culture that makes it so popular.

Second, hookup or not, you are the master of yourself. I heard so many people talking about them being forced into the whole hookup culture. Parties are the main battlefield for hookup culture. With so many parties in college, one can hardly survive from hookup culture. Well, that is not entirely true. Indeed, you will be invited to kinds of parties in college. If you don't go, then you are basically shut yourself from all social activities. If you go, then you will put yourself into the center of hookup culture.

However, even if you are in the middle, there is still choice for you to hookup or not. You can still say no to hookup culture if you don't want it. Even if everyone else around you are hooking up with someone doesn't mean you should be a part. There are always ways to stay out of it if you want. Therefore, stop saying you are forced into it. It's your own choice.

Third, how can I tell whether it's just a hookup or something more seriously? The truth is if you are already asking this question, then the bigger chance is that it's only a hook up dating. Because if someone is really trying to make connection between you, you should know that pretty obviously. There are also some other little hints for you. When does he usually text you?

If he texts you mostly at night, or when he was drunk, then it's definitely just a casual hookup. But if he texts you in the middle of a day and make day plans with you, then it might be something more serious. What do you usually talk about? For hookups, people don't talk about meaningful and deep subject, but something more on the surface. For example, what did you eat this afternoon? Instead of what is your plan for the future.


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