Tinder Cares More about the User’s Privacy

Since the founding of this tinder dating app, there are so many controversy around online dating. There is no doubt that this tinder app changes the life of our modern people. If you ask a person if he/she has ever used Tinder, they may just say yes. It is nothing new to heal some congressmen to use this tinder dating site to find the local dating. But here comes another question- how Tinder protects the privacy of the users.

Not only dating apps like Tinder, some other dating apps free have this issue. In the current modern world, the privacy expose can be a big issue. We have seen the privacy issue in the news. Now, in order to give better user experience and protect their private information. Here are three actions taken by this tinder dating app. According to a survey in the USA, around 40% people will meet the people they may never want to see online. For example, their professors, their ex-lover or their co-workers. We can imagine that people can always be awkward when facing such an issue. Now, Tinder has taken some measures to reduce the worry about this issue.

Tinder allows user to block contacts. It is embarrassing to see the co-worker, family members or school friends on tinder. When we chat with those people, we feel feel so awkward. Of course, sometimes, we just want to find serious lover on the dating app like Tinder. But for me, I also want to enjoy some casual dates with some local handsome guys.

Amy, a 22-year-college student, tells us that she is so embarrassed when she meets her leader on the app like Tinder. She doesn’t know what she should talk. She showed that she tried to find the nice people to chat with at first. But then, a stranger sent her a message and asked if she would like to have a casual date. She was bored at that time and then, she said yes. But then, something was surprised. She met this guy in front of a cinema and she found that it was her leader.

Well, this could be a hige mistake. When they saw each other, she couldn’t start thinking and she just ran away. There are so many people who share the same experience on some top dating apps free. But now, Tinder launched blocked contacts' as an additional resource to help users create a relaxed space for them to establish new contacts and gain inner peace. You may never have this worry. Instead of creating a simple form for you to enter the abuser's phone number or email address, tinder requests permission to access the user's entire contact list.

On the surface, this is for ease of use. Tinder even claims that it retains only the contact information of the blocked person. If you want to use this function, you can find the setting and choosing Block contacts.Then, the app will ask for your permission. You can click the people you want to block, which minimizes the possibility of meeting acquaintances.

Tinder asks users to sign up with valid phone number now. Although it is for anonymous dating, Tinder also makes sure the people chat with the real. But if you don’t want to link with FB or INS, it is okay. According to tinder’s private policy, they will never expose users’ information to any third party. Only getting uses’ permission, it can start to use some functions. And the functions are apart one by one so that you don’t have to worry this Tinder app cannot work after you stop one feature.

We have to admit that the dating site like Tinder makes a difference for our life. Now, around 40% couple say they meet online. As the leading role of online dating, it need to take more actions to better protect the users’ privacy. With the great development of modern social apps, this issue will still be the focus on the world. Let’s see what tinder login will do in 2022.


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