How to flirt with a girl you first met ONLINE?

So you just met a girl, how are you going to flirt with her whether you are looking for tinder hookup or friends with benefits relationship? Here are a few tips. If you can keep her talking and listening to you, it means that at least this girl doesn't hate you. So next:

Talk about daily life subject.

At first, don't expect girls to take the initiative to find topics, so you can start by talking about your daily life first. Don't always ask how are you doing this kind of question. Maybe talk about some funny things or your feelings, so it can lead to more topics. During the chat, carefully observe the girls' mood and psychology. Give some care when appropriate. For example: Wow, are you going to eat at this point? Or do you want to go out? Be careful! In this way, girls will have a good impression of your carefulness and politeness. Be good and obedient, unless you have entered the ambiguous period, otherwise…a bit disgusting…

Good at listening.

If a girl tells you her emotions and feelings, congratulations, she has already regarded you as a partner. At this time, you must pay attention, give appropriate comments during the listening process, and be sure to reveal your positive attitude. Don't always respond with an emoji.


If the girl does not show impatience or coldness towards you, then you might as well take the initiative to make her feel that you are enthusiastic and reliable. Show your passion towards her. Forget about your self

Find common ground and create some coincidences, but not deceit.

Favorite tastes, favorite movies. If you find that both parties have the same interest in the conversation, you must tell them, and communicate more in this regard.

Meetup in real life when it's time.

Whether you are introduced by a common friend or meet each other on some hookup dating apps, it's never a good choice to keep your relationship online. Usually, if you are talking to her for three days, it's time to ask her out. Otherwise, the effort you made will all be in vain and you certainly do not what that to happen, right? Whatever it is you are looking for, you can only achieve your goal by meeting in real life.

In conclusion, the most important thing to flirt and talk to a girl is to be respectful, active and brave. Believe me, if you don't have a Thanks look, you can get your girl.


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